Boat Airdopes 131 Pro User Manual [Reset,Pair]

Boat Airdopes 131 Pro User Manual:- Boat is one of the Best brand in audio product related and accessories, In This User Manual Guide of Boat Airdopes 131 Pro, we also cover user Problem Related Factory Reset of Boat Airdopes 131 pro, share about Functionalities and Many more.

Boat Airdopes 131 Pro User Manual [Reset,pair]

Boat Airdopes 131 pro Wireless Earbuds
Boat Airdopes 131 pro Wireless Earbuds


Headphone typeTrue Wireless earbuds
Bluetooth VersionV5.3+ EDR
Music PlaytimeUp to 9HRS Per Charge;
Up to 36 Hrs additional with case (at 60% Volume)
ASAP ChargeYes
Low Latency(Beast Mode) 65ms
Transmission Range10m
Driver Size11mm
Frequency20 HZ-20KHZ
Battery400mah (Case) 40mah*2 (Earbuds)
Charging Time30 Min (Earbuds); 1.5hrs(Case)
Charging InterfaceUSB Type-C

Water Resistance

Package Contains

  • 1x Pair Of Wireless Earbuds
  • 1x Charging Case
  • 1x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 2x Pair of Extra Earmffs
  • 1x Faq Card
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x Catalogue
  • 1x Read me Card

Basic Functions

  • Vice Assistant: Long Touch left CTC for 3 Seconds to activate Your Default Smart Voice assistant.
  • Answer: Single tap the CTC on either Earbud to Answer an Incoming Call
  • Hang up/Reject Call: Double tap the CTC on either Earbud to End/ Reject Call
  • Play/Pause Music: Single tap either earbud’s CTC to Play or Pause Music.
  • Next Track: when Playing Music,Double tap the Right Earbud’s CTC to Return to the Previous song.

Beast Mode

Long Touch the Right CTC for 3 Seconds to Switch to Low Latency mode, also known as the BEAST MODE. Once Switched On, it gets notified Via a Sound Prompt, Long touch the Right CTC for 3 Seconds Once again, to turn it off and return to standard Music Mode.

ENx Tech in Boat Airdopes 131 Pro

In Boat Airdopes 131 Pro ENx (Environmental Noise Cancellation) Tech algorithm Cancels out the Background Noise So that you can be heard crystal clear via Vice calls One Need not activate Enx as the 4x mics are already equipped with the same and activated by Deafult.

Note: Volume Can Only be controlle via the media device.

Power On (First Time User)

Step1: To Switch The Earbuds On (Smart Power On) simply open the lid of the charging case (When earbuds are inside). Courtesy our IWP (Insta Wake N Pair) technology, the earbuds Power on automatically, Their LEDs begin to flash in blue for 2 Seconds, They Get Connected and enter the connection mode
Long Touch the CTC (Capacitive Touch Control) On Both earbuds for 3 Seconds to Manually Power On the earbuds.

how to Power on For First time Airdopes 131 pro
how to Power on For First time Airdopes 131 pro

Step 2: After Powering on, The Earbuds Enter the connection Mode, Indiacted by alternate red and blue LED flashes on Primary Earbud and Blue LED flashes on Primary Earbud and Blue LED Flashes Once Every 5 Seconds on the Secondary earbud

Connection Mode:

Step3: Turn On the Bluetooth functionaily on Your Phone/media device and Scane.

Step 4: Search for Boat Airdopes 131 Pro and Pair accordingly.

Congratualions Your Boat Airdopes 131 pro are Now Connected Sucessfully Via Bluetooth

Connecting Airdopes 131 pro to smartphone
Connecting Airdopes 131 pro to smartphone

Smart Power Off And Manual Power Off

Smart Power Off:-

Step1: After Usage, Remove both the Earbuds from Your ears.

Step2: Place the Earbuds back Into the Charging Case in Correct Orientation and Close the lid. The Earbuds automatically Switch off ( and Enter Charging Mode ).

Manual Power Off:-
Step 1: Long touch Both CTC for 5 Seconds to Maually power off the Earbuds.

Step2: Once the Earbuds get Turned off, Place them Back Inside the case and Close the lid

How to factory Reset Boat Airdopes 131 Pro?

Remember that, if You face Difficulty while Using Airdopes 131 Pro just Perform the Factory Reset. Here we Guide you How to Perform Factory Reset Boat Airdopes 131 Pro? Just Follwing Some Simple and Easy Steps for Reset.

Note:- Bofore Performing Reset, Clear “Boat Airdopes 131 Pro” From Pairing Device History by Forgetting Device.

Step1: Open the Cover lid of the case and ensure the earbuds are being kept inside the case.

Step2: Long Press the Reset Button on The Case for 5 Seconds; White LED on the Case Flashes for 5 Seconds to Indicate a Successful Reset.

Step3: Close the Cover lid and Reopen it again after a Few Seconds to Perform Fresh connection.

Congratulations Your Boat Airdopes 131 Pro has Been Reset.

Reset button for airdopes 131 pro
Reset button for Boat airdopes 131 pro

How to Use Single Earbud of Boat Airdopes 131 Pro?

You have to Just Follow Some Simple Steps For Using Single Earbud.

Step1: Please Note that Both the Earbuds can be used in Mono use Smart/Manual Power On for Switching on the Desired Earbud

Step2: The Selected Earbud automatically Enters the Connection Mode Indicated by Red and Blue LED Flashes.

Step3: Turn on Bluetooth On Your Phone/media Device and Search For “Airdopes 131 Pro” to Connect.

Note: To Switch to Stereo Mode, simple take out the other earbud from the case it will automatically power on and Pair with the Previously Selected Erabud, Hence enabling Stereo Usage. You can only Switch to Next track in Single Earbuds mode

How to use Single earbud of airdopes 131 pro
How to use Single earbud of airdopes 131 pro

How to Charge the Case and Earbuds

Here is about how to Charge case.

To Charge the case, Plug One end of the Provided Cable into the case and connect the other and to a PC/wall adapter/Powerbank, etc.
Ehite LED Vlinks Continuously While the Case is On Charging. When The case gets Fully Charged, it Gets indicated by solid white LED.

Steps for Charging the Earbuds:-

Step1: Please Insert the Earbuds back inside the Charging Case in Correct position and close the Lid.

Step2: Once the Earbuds get Fully Charged, the Charging Case Automatically Switches off to Save Power, the earbuds’ indicator turns into blue and then switches off

Note:-Before using the Earbuds for the First time, it is Recommened to fully Charge the Earbuds Also, Please keep the Lid of the Chraging Case Closed While Charging.

When the Remaining Power of the Earbuds is Below 20% the RED LED flashes 3 Times Every 30 Seconds and there’s low Power reminder Sound Prompt once Every 5 Minutes.

When the earbud’s Remaining Battery is Between 30%-100% Blue LED blinks thrice if the Case lid gets Opened.

Quick Glance On Functionalities on Airdopes 131 pro

Quick Glance Functionalities of Airdopes 131 pro
Quick Glance Functionalities of Airdopes 131 pro

Warning about Airdopes 131 Pro

  • Please Follow the Instructions to Operate.
  • Please Don’t use the earbuds in Extreme temperatures.
  • Please Don’t use the product near Water
  • Please Keep the Product away from Heat Sources, as the heat may Damage it
  • Don’t jam the ports such as chrger port, LED Port, etc.
  • It is Recommendes to utlize the Product below the maximum Volume in Order to Protect Hearing and Extend the Ear-buds Service Life


We hope your query Regarding Boat Airdopes 131 Pro has been Resolved because In This Manual We covered all types of query Related Airdopes 131 pro, if your query didn’t resolved by Following given Steps then You have to visit Boat Service Center.

Thank You! | Team

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