About Us

Who Are We?

Twsone is a distinguished Indian-based audio product review website. Our mission is to assist individuals in making informed decisions by offering comprehensive reviews on the best products available in the market within their budget constraints.

What do we do?


We cover plenty of product reviews related to the audio segment only. First, we either test the product ourselves for 5 to 10 days or chat with someone who’s been using it. Then, we dive into reading tons of reviews on that product. With all that info, we figure out the pros and cons of product, and that’s when we share our thoughts in a review.

We are very passionate about providing only honest reviews and refrain from engaging in paid reviews. Additionally, we offer guidance on solving any types of audio product-related issues with manuals.

About Founder

Hi, I am Rachit Kumar, Founder of Twsone.com, I started my blog to help people to Sharing my 9 Years of Knowledge and experience in Audio Segmant. I am a Young Music composer, Product Reviewer and Enthusiast with a Passion for helping others to get right Product.